«Totem Bear’s software is like a Bear: powerful, resilient, and designed to survive in any environment.»

With Python, Swift, and Flutter in our toolbox, we craft cutting-edge and innovative software that takes your business to the Top


Elite software in Python, Swift, and Flutter: power, elegance, and versatility in every project

At Totem Bear, we create elite software in Python, Swift, and Flutter. Our approach combines power, elegance, and versatility to deliver exceptional solutions. Discover how our team can transform your ideas into high-performance applications.

Empowering you to wield the power of decision. Create, integrate, and transform with our limitless decision engines

Creates decision engines for:

Meet Our Team

Laura González

CEO / Co-founder

Joan Sarmiento

CoO / Co-founder

Mary Acosta

CFO / Co-founder

Nestor Ariza

Frontend Developer

Juan Gonzalez

backend developer

Denis Rodriguez

backend developer

Juan Aguilar

backend developer

Alexa Peña

frontend developer

David Londoño

Frontend developer

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