Your technological layer to create and operate your Fintech or Neo Bank.

What can I do with BanKit?

You can create fully usable and operable financial products. With BanKit you just turn on the module you need.

What are the BanKit modules?

BanKit has a core of accounts that communicates with a solid channel platform powered by a Contact Center, an electronic signature module and custom-developed Web and mobile applications. But the most important is Heimdall, a decision engine creator that allows you to automate everything you want.

Does BanKit comply with the different regulations?

Yes, BanKit complies with the most demanding regulations of the financial market among them we can mention:
COBIT 5 (IT Corporate Governance).
-ITIL 4 (Information Technology Infrastructure Library).
-ISO / IEC 20000 : 2018. (IT Management and Support).
-ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. (Information Security).
-PCI (Payment Card Industry).
-IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

What is the process to implement BanKit?

It’s very simple, you write us by WhatsApp in this link to coordinate a 30 minutes meeting to understand your needs.

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It’s so simple, write to us by WhatsApp