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A value-driven operating model for all factories

With Totem Banking you implement a process where everything is connected, from the omboarding process, to the total credit management, and it is totally modular for easy implementation.

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How it works

Totem Banking Factories

Implement customized and fully modular solutions and create agile financial products for your customers or strategic partners.

Credit Factory

  • Customer prospecting.
  • Automatic re-credits.
  • Automatic pre-approvals.
  • Auto Onboarding.
  • Placement heat maps.
  • Reactive and preventive campaigns.
  • Digital channel management.
  • Automatic credit policies.

Operations Factory

  • Account management, Core system.
  • KYC compliance management.
  • BI business intelligence.
  • FORT risk management.
  • Cyber security.
  • Interoperability management*.
  • DevSecOps* management.
  • Custom development*.

Collection Factory

  • Management of pre arrears, 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, over 90, investigation zone and legal zone.
  • Automatic dialer with pre-structured call pool for campaings.
  • BI dashboards with KPIs for 360º delinquency management.
  • Real time data update.

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